Mentoring Guide

The objective of this section is to support the acquisition of technical skills by the refugees from their knowledge so that they can become « knowers », i.e., mentors.
It is based on a pedagogical guide that you can find in this section. This guide is intended for training organizations working in the refugee inclusion sector. It includes defined learning objectives, knowledge and skills, with many resources, pedagogical strategies, sources of additional information and support, etc.
This guide was built from dynamic workshops facilitated by COS Foundation teams on the issue of peer helping and through a questionnaire for refugee peer helpers, to gather each other’s visions and experiences on the issue in France.
A group work with the people in charge of professional integration allowed us to build the method.
Different meetings allowed us to refine the guide by collecting everyone’s expectations, projections and possibilities.

Experimentation of Mentoring Guide

The experimentation of Mentoring Guide were created in collaboration with, Refugees Peer helpers (Anna Gregoryan, Muhammadin Nazari, Iyad Kallas, Narine Lalayan, Mahshid Mirghazanfari), Envol33 (Vincent Balzamo), INFA (Bastien Pouzou), Refugee Food Festival & Marie Curry
(Sandrine Rivoltela).

Training Module for peer support

The Training modules where created in collaboration with Soumia El Yousfi, peer helper expert.