The COS Alexander Glasberg Foundation, based on its experience of developing a refugee guide for and with refugees, proposed to European partners to develop tools adapted to the inclusion of refugees in a participatory way. The core of the project was the participation of migrants in the development of the educational tools. This is the Erasmus project « Refugees Inclusion Moves Europe » (RIME).

The impact was the development of new skills on peer mentoring in refugee inclusion actions (understanding of strategies, updating of tools, available skills and know-how, management skills, better analysis of potentials and identification of knowledge).

This project, led by the COS Foundation from November 2019 to July 2022, brought together partners from the university sector, adult education, training centres, social and professional integration centres, NGOs and advisory bodies, in 5 countries: France, Italy, Greece, Sweden, Malta.

The objectives of the project were:


     ✅Strengthening the skills of professionals accompanying refugees

     ✅To improve the skills and competences of refugees through mentoring and training

     ✅Facilitate the participation of refugees in cultural, social and economic actions and events


The project was implemented through two actions:


     ✅Create educational tools (refugee guide and illustrative educational tools)

     ✅Develop training courses for educators and refugee ‘knowers


Within this framework, and within this global project, the COS foundation has experimented with a « peer-help » action for professional integration