Gender Equality

Gender equality is a fundamental and inviolable human right. However, according to the United Nations, women around the world have significantly fewer opportunities than men and are more exposed to violence and poverty. When considering migration flux, a refugee’s journey is heavily influenced by gender, from fleeing to reaching the host country and throughout the process of inclusion. Females, both adults and children, are indeed more prone to discrimination, exploitation, violence, and abuse (IRC, 2018; Pittaway & Bartolomei, 2018). 

Entering the labour market is particularly challenging for refugee women. In fact, women’s employment rate averages 45%, much lower than refugee men’s (62%). This could be seen as partly due to the low education levels of refugee women and their lower activity rates of 57% compared to the men’s rate of 77% (OECD, 2016). Women’s equality is not only a basic human right, it is also essential for economic growth and social development. The empowerment of women will benefit women, children, families, communities, and countries (SDG compass, n.d.).


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