The aim of SDG 4 is to “ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all” (SDG Compass, 2015).

According to the European Commission, In Europe, education levels drastically affect the quality of life. People who hold basic education are three times more likely to live in poverty or in social exclusion than those with a university degree. Looking at the 15-64 age range, unemployment is much higher for people with basic education (16.6%) than for people with a college degree (5.1%) (European Commission, 2017).

High achievement and high-quality education turn out to be linked to better life expectancy and greater social and democratic participation, but are rare to achieve for students from difficult backgrounds. Thus, equal opportunities can be improved by providing equal, discrimination-free, high-quality education. This includes a learner-centered approach that recognizes and respects the diversity of backgrounds, i.e., customs, values, and poverty, to overcome failure. Inclusive education has to be  based on teamwork, collaboration, and peer learning (LLL Platform, n.d.).


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